[Accessforall] Conditional preferences

Andy Heath andyheath at axelrod.plus.com
Sun Aug 5 10:53:00 UTC 2012

Not sure what I posted, but how about this:

[ { "xmlns" : { "gpii" : "http://gpii.net/ns/up" } },
   { "fieldnames" : [ "property", "condition", "value" ] },
   { [ "gpii:speechRate", "", [90] ] },
     [ "gpii:fontsize", "", ["120%", "150%"]

Some redundancy (we don't actually need the "xmlns" nor the field names) 
but not too much. Readable, extendable.  Is there a difference
between "", [] and null in json ? We could use the difference to
signify differences between unknown and not tested or something like 
that.  The condition also could use these pseudo-namesapces-namespaces 
(needs a small "jiggery-pokery" with this structure to do that but I
hope this is enough to demonstrate the idea.

Note that to represent AfA 3 like this it would need values to be able
to be structured (e.g. json instances), which this would allow.

weekend starts here.


Andy Heath

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